What to share and not to share online?

We flew home from a couple of days in New York on Saturday night and I have yet to go through my photos from the trip so I’m kicking off the week with a few snaps from our Sunday (Father’s Day) that make me happy!  Because for me, it’s all about sharing the pics that make me happy these days!  With snaps from our weekend comes a few thoughts on what to share or not to share online since it’s a question I get asked often and also a question I find myself wondering as well.  The deeper I get into this journey of motherhood, as well as the further removed I am from the thick of things in New York, the more I just find myself wanting to slow down, and this has me really questioning what I’m sharing online.  As I want CITNB to always be an inspiring, positive and a true to me space.  I love the in-between moments, the sweet captures of our casual family hangs.  The intimacy of an amazing dinner party.  A photo diary from our travels.  Collected and treasured items inside someone’s home.  The pieces of jewelry someone wears everyday.  I am curious about the recipes you’re making, and the beauty products you’ve been testing and love.  A lot of what is shared online is often staged and beautifully inspiring but there’s something sweet about the messy and candid too.  For me, I never thought I’d be on the internet this long or sharing as much as I do.  I don’t divulge too much in this space and yet maybe to someone else’s standards I do?  In person, I’m someone who’s an open book.  Ask me anything and I’ll tell all the juicy details… probably more than my girlfriends’ wanted to hear.  I’m wildly open to new ideas and love hearing other’s thoughts and perspectives and welcome a casual debate.  But online I’m a much more private person.  I’m so curious how you decide what to share online, especially if you have a family as well… as I go back and forth constantly about what’s too much.  But also, what parts of our life you might actually want to read and see?

It’s days like this when we leave the cell phones behind (I’ve been in favor of lugging my big camera around instead) that are just the best!  Right?  I love (attempting) to capture these family moments (Rex is gosh darn fast so I need to up my child photography game!)… but bringing my real camera makes me feel like I’m truly staying in the moment.  I can then go home and go back through the photos and decide what I may want to share later.  In fact, this past trip to New York I did just that as well and it felt down right luxurious to not post in the moment except for a few stories which is always fun and feels like way less pressure to share.


Our day consisted of a sandy picnic that wasn’t exactly what we had in mind (we were trying to explore a new trail down to the river but never actually found the river entrance, ha!)… but still a fun picnic nonetheless.  Complete with bomb sandwiches (if you live in Sacramento, T and I think The Bread Store is the best)… I forgot how much I love their veggie sandwich. The homemade bread and that dill sauce make it!  We love picnics because with Rex at this age it’s just near impossible to sit at a restaurant without him wanting to walk around.  This way T and I can actually chat and relax while Rex wanders around (always walking and eating his sandwich, rarely ever actually sitting with us).  But we also just all love to explore, and even if we tend to always head to the same spot there is always a new trail to discover (or in this case get lost on).

The Great. has such cute floral embroidered pieces right now!  Love these jeans too.

 The morning started out on the cooler side so a denim jacket was needed before it warmed up.  Rex and I sported our new twinning “great stuff” tees from The Great.  I get a chuckle out of seeing him in this one.  His little rosy cheeks as the sun came out… huffing and puffing climbing up those hills because he wanted to walk himself and not be carried.

Sunday Picnic Attire |  Denim Jacket + Tee from The Great.  AMO Jeans.  Vince Sneakers.  Janessa Leone Hat.


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