Spring / Summer Blankets and Throws

Well I joked for awhile that last summer was the summer I spent entirely in my backyard (with a two year old and a newborn it was just about our speed for the day). Life has felt like a bit of a déjà vu with the amount of lawn lounging we’ve done these past few weeks. Which has made me appreciate having a yard even more!

I’ve collected a number of blankets and textiles that I throw down for Rex and Willow over the years–-mainly all from smaller, local stores––but I pulled together a roundup of favorites for this spring / summer that I was able to find online. I love using indigo textiles, Moroccan tassels blankets, and linens which are all multi-purpose. Perfect for picnics, a throw on your couch or bed… taking to the beach, you name it!

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Linen Throw

I use a lot of linen blankets as picnic blankets. Or rotate them around the house–from beds to throws on the couch. I love the neutral stripe of this one ($68), and this striped one as well ($148). Another great linen stripe option ($224) in a number of color ways… and also love this one ($128) and this one, both in natural ($155).

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Tassel Throw

I have a Moroccan blanket with tassels that is cream colored and one of my absolute favorites. Willow loves to play with the tassels and I’ve taken a number of naps on this one! Originally I bought it from a small boutique but I found some similar options… a save ($78–comes in ivory, a black and ivory strip and ochre), this is a fun colorful stripe! ($78), this fringed throw ($118), and the real deal Moroccan throw like mine on sale ($175). Another great one–natural and midnight stripe ($155).

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Indigo Throw

Indigo is another textile that I’ve collected over the years that I use for tablecloths, picnic blankets and draped over chairs. You can usually find it in a number of smaller home decor boutiques (if you’re ever in Santa Cruz or at the Alameda Flea you can find a bunch at Patine). On sale here ($155), you can do a search for various sizes on Etsy (one here $100).

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I have been wanting a throwbed from Hedgehouse for a long time (completely sold out at the moment as they’re made in the USA and haven’t been able to open manufacturing at the moment)–but I did find a few available here! Perfect for picnicking if you want a little more padding underneath your tush.

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Cotton Openweave Throws

I love openweave throws for beds or to use as tablecloths but of course they could be layered to make a picnic scene extra dreamy. Creative Women has some great ones (here, $90), cotton throw blankets ($275), another pretty ivory option here ($275).

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Pattern and Color

Some of favorite more colorful blankets are from smaller designers like: Dana Haim–love this lavender stripe blanket, $120similar to my gingham one ($120), and definitely more of a splurge, but I love the colors of these so much and they’re great for using as blankets or rugs too: from St. Frank ($550).

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