Let’s Pause for Tea

I wanted to host my girlfriends for a morning tea ceremony and meditation all summer long.  I kept telling them I was going to plan a morning and then that newborn life just meant it never happened.  It’s just tea!  But for some reason I couldn’t get it together.  Well, a group of us have been working on a little side project over the past couple of months, and I turned our latest meeting into said tea party on the floor of our family room.  It was a windy, brisk morning and ideal for cozying up indoors, cup of tea in hand.  I brewed a batch of loose leaf chai that I’ve been into and Willow woke up from her morning nap just in time to join us.  (Our local Co-Op has an awesome selection of loose leaf teas, matcha and herbs so sometimes I like to create my own combinations, but this was just a traditional chai.)  The thought was to originally have a little quiet meditation and ease into our morning before the notebooks came out and ahem, Christina (not to name names) snapped us back into biz mode.  It was such a nice way to pause and chat about our weekends or whatever was on our minds (I was venting about having my first full-blown migraine–the worst) before jumping into business.  I know personally, now that I’m a mom, when I go to meetings I’m all business.  I feel like I’m on such a tight timeframe these days as my time is more precious than ever–you either need to get back to your babies or finish your work in time so you can get back to them, etc. etc.  But also it’s so important to take a pause and breathe.

Two things I’ve been equally as thankful for lately: supportive girlfriends and badass girlfriends!  Those that lift you up and make you want to do better, like this crew!  I’ve loved collaborating with them lately (also Stephanie who was behind-the-scenes capturing these moments!).


Photography  |  Stephanie Russo

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