Your Cozy Weekend-At-Home To-Do List

After a bit of a breaking point earlier in the week I pulled it back together again finding such joy in this pause. I gotta say having Willow’s rolls to squeeze is everything to me right now!! But also, for me, keeping the house clean and tidy makes all the difference in my mood as well as moving my body, eating nourishing foods, FaceTime dates / phone calls with girlfriends (anyone else laughing at the conversations you and whoever you’re quarantined with are talking about–Tanner has told me more than I ever cared to know about the history of watch making)… and getting out in the sunshine. I’ve found home projects, gardening, making tea time a ritual in itself, and raiding the kitchen in an attempt to try new recipes with whatever we have on hand to be so therapeutic. What about you?

I have to admit that I’ve been a little jealous of my sister and those friends without kids who have a lot more luxurious me time on their hands right now…. but the truth is time is on all of our sides right now. So gosh darn it I signed up for Masterclass after my sister’s encouragement and have been loving taking a few classes each evening. I am currently taking Kelly Wearstler’s class on interior design. I haven’t been in the mood to turn on the TV so I’ve enjoyed tuning into another form of an escape while also learning as I go. Another to-do on my weekend plans: make homemade pasta. I remember making a walnut pasta sauce with my cousins from Italy and it took the entire day. Peeling each of the walnut skins off by hand… Same goes whenever I make homemade ravioli’s with my Nana. Well, with busy little ones right now I don’t necessarily have a day–but I do have enough time to make homemade pasta dough which is really so easy.


Okay so here’s your Friday night to-do: dress up (even if you just put some effort into your hair, no makeup necessary), set the table (inside or out if it’s nice). I’m living for al fresco happy hours right now… although it’s looking like it’s going to rain again this weekend. Try a new cocktail recipe–maybe themed around your dinner or open a special bottle of wine. Order takeout from a local restaurant but plate it on pretty dishes so it feels special. Oh and I like to eat after we put Rex and Willow down for bed so it actually feels like a date / is much more relaxed of an evening. Enjoy! xx

My Weekend To-Do:

Listen: Coldplay and Caamp on repeat

Watch: Kelly Wearstler & Annie Leibovitz MasterClass

Drink: Home brewed batch of iced tea–brew your tea and let it cool, add lemon or orange wedges and sip in the sun

Do: Plant an herb garden

Wear: Ozma Jumpsuit (Code: ALICIA15 for 15% off)

I’ve found so many amazing resources online through all of this. Online book readings and art project ideas for Rex. Meditations, yoga classes and friends having disco-dance parties! So many great playlists… restaurants sharing their secret recipes, the list goes on. I wanted to share some that I’ve bookmarked and enjoyed diving into this week as well as some of those you recommended. After asking for your recommendations I realized I was a little overwhelmed by the list so this is longer than a typical #10Things today. I might need to make this a regular Friday list during this staying at home period. Keep sending along any great movie / show / book / podcast / wine / recipe recommendations!! You guys are the best. So here’s your weekend to-do… enjoy, and let me know what you’re up to! xx Alicia

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Okay my sister talked me into signing up for Masterclass this week and I dove into Kelly Wearstler’s class on interior design. My sister and her husband have been all about the cooking classes, and I’m also looking forward to taking the photography class led by Annie Leibovitz.

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Meditation: Jill Willard

I’ve been wanting to dive into Jill Willard’s meditations after a friend recommended (she’s a gifted intuitive, medium and meditation leader and has been on Goop and TEDx as well).

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Watch: Bon Appetit’s Gourmet Makes on Youtube

A few of you recommended tuning into Bon Appetit’s Gourmet Makes–or the Bon Appetit YouTube channel in general.

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Watch: Schitts Creek

So many friends and so many of you have said Schitts Creek is hilarious. Definitely on our list of shows to get around to.  You can’t go wrong with Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara

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Watch: Ozark Season 3

We have been counting down the days for Ozark Season 3 (today is the day!). I’m guessing we will probably binge watch it quite a bit this weekend.

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Watch: Tiger King

This recommendation cracked me up. I didn’t know about this Netflix documentary but apparently you’re all watching it. So now I’m very intrigued.

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Drink: Soho House Picante

Soho House has been sharing their playlists and some House favorite recipes, and their Picante made me think that maybe it’s time I switch up my nightly glass of wine for something with a little more kick.

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Read: Little Fires Everywhere

A few of you recommended reading and/or watching Little Fires Everywhere (also on Hulu)… which reminded me that I have the book but just never got around to starting it!

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Toddler Craft: Egg Lanterns

I’ve been looking into Easter crafts and activities to do with Rex over the next couple of weeks and on my list is obviously dying eggs–but I also wanted to do this egg lantern that I saw on @RudyJude’s IG Stories yesterday. So easy–basically tissue paper mâché balloons, which you know we have a bunch of balloons around right now… ha.

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Make: Homemade Pasta

One of my girlfriends had a full-on Italian themed dinner night last weekend and I’m so going to copy her this weekend. Homemade pasta and her own pesto sauce. Yum! I’ve been craving all of the comforting carbs through this staying in and it’s supposed to rain so I’m saying yes please to a cozy pasta night.

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Make: Homemade Hummus

Another make on my list, homemade hummus. I saved this on Instagram when I saw @LailaCooks mention. How therapeutic taking the time to peel the skin off each garbanzo bean can be.

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Watch: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Whenever Tanner and I can’t agree on a show or movie choice we turn on Curb. I loved that so many of you recommended it too–such a good one for some comic relief right now.

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Listen: Brené Brown Unlocking Us Podcast

Another popular podcast recommendation that I haven’t tuned into but am looking forward to because Brené Brown is so great. Have you watched her TED talk on vulnerability?

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Listen: Audio Books

Loved this idea from one of you to tune into classic audiobooks–great for everybody or you could put one on for your kids while you’re working.

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FaceTime StoryTime with Grandparents

I’ve been letting Rex watch various story times online but another great idea is to FaceTime the grandparents and have them read your toddlers a few books. I have one friend who says this has become her babysitting–her four year old daughter talks to the grandma for 2 hours(!!!!) reading books while she’s able to work. Hello free babysitting!

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Do: Fear Flush with Julie Civiello Polier

I met Julie (shamanic facialist and reiki master) over a year ago on a retreat and she’s amazing! I love following her on instagram for tips and tricks for at-home facials but she just started sharing some more meditative IGTV’s and they’re great if you need a relaxing moment. @JulieCivielloPolier

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Sweatfest: At Home Dance Party

There are so many great workout classes online right now (@MelissaWoodHealth) topping my list… but I found this dance sweatfest that a bunch of my friends have been sharing to be quite fun and hilarious: choreographer / director, Ryan Heffington’s Weekend Edition Sweatfest. Happening again this Saturday and Sunday (12pm PT)!

Also! put this song on for a family dance party: May I Have this Dance – Francis and the Lights

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Make: Flower Crowns

Yesterday I made lavender flower crowns for Rex and Willow. Really it was more for me than them. Something so sweet and calming about taking time to pick the flowers and weave them together. Or I also made lavender and rosemary bundles which you could dry or give to a friend / leave on a neighbor’s doorstep.

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