countdown to baby: maternity shoot


I was on a call last week wrapping up a project and the women said to me, “gosh this is just such an exciting time for you–you’re about to meet the most important person of your life.”  As much as I’ve loved this pregnancy journey and feel connected with my baby, it’s moments like this when it (the miracle of baby boy!) really hits me.  I got off the phone and the happy tears just started rushing my eyes.  (Thanks hormones.)  But seriously, what a sweet and crazy crazy thought.  My guy and I were out on one of our final date nights recently and of course the conversation kept coming back to our new addition.  It’s almost hard to comprehend how much life is about to change, and we can’t stop talking and thinking about what he will look like, what he will be into, where we want take him, and the list goes on.

I just couldn’t be more thankful this season and as always, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for following along on my journey!  Wishing you a happy and healthy (and yummy–hopefully plenty of stuffing is in your future because that’s the best part right?) Thanksgiving! xx

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The Look | Doen Dress.

My girlfriend Alexandra captured these sweet memories a few weekends back, and I couldn’t love these photos more.  She was visiting for the weekend, and it rained the entire time breaking just briefly.  We had all of maybe 5 minutes, but I think that’s why they turned out so natural and special.

Photography | Alexandra Gibbs

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