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May! Margaritas, warmer weather, as much time as possible spent outdoors… perhaps some normalcy on the horizon to come… all of the fingers crossed?! This month I am looking forward to making Willow’s first birthday special, more so for us, and Rex (who is mainly looking forward to a chance to eat cake). Wow this has felt like the fastest year yet now that May is here. And at times slow–as motherhood is, and now with sheltering in place I’m realizing this year had lots of reminders to slow down. Babies and pregnancy have a way of putting the years into perspective and it’s wild to think that this time last year I was counting down the days until we would meet our girl.

In other news I finally picked back up and finished Where the Crawdads Sing this week (I know, so late to the game but it was such a great read). So I’m currently in that limbo of wanting to start a new book but also wanting to soak up that one a bit longer… enjoying the pause. Do you pause between books or jump right into the next? I also enjoyed tuning back into a few Masterclasses this week and taking advantage of this lovely warm weather as much as possible with daily walks through our neighborhood.

Cheers to Friday friends! Hope you enjoy these links!

xx Alicia

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Anna Wintour Masterclass: Leadership & Creativity

This week I finished Anna Wintour’s Masterclass on creativity and leadership. I found it to be both incredibly inspiring on pushing your brand / voice forward–as well as it made me want to just get a bit more dressed up again. I found myself pulling for items I hadn’t worn in awhile and just missing my days at ELLE and in the magazine world in general. You can say what you want to say about Anna, but she’s definitely dynamic.

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Indigo & Shibori Dyeing

If you’ve been wanting to give indigo dyeing  a go too–I think I’m going to order this Indigo & Shibori Kit.
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Infused Tequila

With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner now, take your stab at infused tequila. I made a batch of spicy jalepeño margaritas with my own infused tequila one year that were pretty gosh darn deliciously spicy!

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Katherine Power’s Home Tour

I stumbled upon this conversation with Kathrine Power from this past fall and fell in love with her home all over again. The mix of vintage is so good!

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Heidi Merrick Sale

Heidi Merrick is having a sitewide 25% off sale! Definitely worth giving a browse. (Code: Shop25)
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Swim Line: Sara Cristina

Okay so I’m nowhere near bikini ready but my mind is starting to go there as the temps have been so gosh darn hot here. I stumbled upon this line and the summer vibes made me so happy! Not practical, but I think we can all appreciate this incredible pearl swimsuit top! Also, love this high-waist bikini.
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Apiece Apart Woman: Sharon Mrozinski

Apiece Apart has some of my favorite features and I loved this profile on Sharon Mronzinski–owner of antique store, Marston House Vinalhaven. The mentality of she and her husband to live simply, eat simply and that work doesn’t even feel like work to them… truly living their passions… isn’t that the dream? The  photography is gorgeous, oh and they live in-between Southern France and Maine!

“and fortunately for each of us it has grown and we just feel that each day we’re just luckier then we were yesterday.”  

Sharon Mronzinki
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Audio Listen: Good Morning, I Love You

A girlfriend just recently recommended Shauna Shapiro’s new book, Good Morning, I Love You, a guide to developing a compassionate lens for our own lives. (In particular she loved the audio book version). It’s filled with stories from Shapiro’s life, scientific research and simple, effective mindfulness practices. Fun fact is that Shapiro is a researcher at my alma mater, Santa Clara University.

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Kid-Friendly Recipe: Eggplant & Cauliflower Meatballs

Having a picky three-year-old eater is tough! I want to try to make these eggplant and cauliflower meatballs (in hopes I can sneak some veggies in him)–recipe by Jessica Seinfeld. 
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Women’s Heritage: DIY Bread Baking 

Since everyone seems to be making bread these days! Emma Moore of Women’s Heritage (a beloved storefront based in Carpenteria) shared a sourdough bread recipe tutorial… and I want to give it a go. You can find additional recipes and inspiring activities in their newly released, “Women’s Heritage” book here.
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