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So excited to share behind-the-scenes of one of my favorite ceramist’s studios with you: Alex Marshall Studios.  Not only is Alex a whole lot of fun to be around (she had me at hello with her New York accent and infectious personality!)–but her pieces have made our meals significantly more special over the years.  They are true pieces of art!  My days typically start with coffee from one of her mugs and end with dinner on her plates or a giant salad in her serving bowl.  There’s just something truly special about Alex’s designs.  Every piece is handmade in my hometown (Chico)–her designs are minimal yet add a unique asymmetry that makes each piece on the table completely one-of-a-kind.  I’ve known Alex for a couple of years now–thanks to my mom who brought me to her studio one day when I was home in Chico for the weekend–and I immediately fell in love with her designs.  My Alex Marshall collection (and wishlist!) has been ever-growing since.

Getting to watch Alex’s process and step into the magic of her studio is not only so inspiring but truly makes me appreciate each piece I own of hers even more.  Since each piece is handmade they’re all a bit unique. One of her favorite themes is the notion of one in many, repeating the same form over and over but with varying results. Alex’s touch influences every piece. From shaping to glazing to firing, each step creates slight nuances.

Alex has collaborated with a number of brands and designers over the years–from her children’s collection with Barney’s to vases and platters with Kelly Wearstler.

I’ve been wanting to collaborate with Alex in some way for a while now but couldn’t pin-point what I wanted to do. This summer with all of us being home more I’ve really leaned into my love of making tabletops beautiful and making dinnertime feel special. I had a lightbulb moment when pulling out my serving platters one night that I should create exactly what I was looking for with Alex! Something neutral and flat for serving summer finger foods but with a muted pop of happy color. I’ve been drawn to soft peach hues and sent Alex over a mood board.  She came back to me with the idea to incorporate a new yellow color she has been working with to add dimension, and we both loved how the final design came out. The serving platter is the ideal size for family style dinners (13″)–but also sparked the idea to make a smaller plate in the same design to offer as well. The smaller plate is technically what Alex refers to as a dessert plate or salad plate size, but I usually end up using this size for dinner or lunches with the kids.

Our design is now available! I’m so thrilled to see these plates on your summer tables and can’t wait to see how you style them! I hope they bring you all of the summery joy they’ve brought me.

Alex hand glazes and drips each design. When thinking about the color palette for the platter we collaborated on I wanted it to feel summery with a muted pop of color. I’ve been especially drawn to soft peach hues and sent Alex a peach and marigold yellow inspired mood board after she mentioned the idea of peach and yellow together. I couldn’t love the color combination more! Exactly the happy plates I want to fill our table with right now.

Summer Backyard Collection Alex Marshall x Alicia Lund

(available in 13″ size platter and 8.5′ set of 4 side plate set)

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