10 Things | Easter Edition

This weekend we’re housesitting for friends in San Francisco.  You know I go to the city all the time but I haven’t been with my husband in awhile (or all of us as a family) so I’m really looking forward to it!  Just the thought of the weekend is what is getting me through this week!  Since we’ll be in the city, where my sister lives, we decided to have an Easter picnic all together on Sunday.  Can’t wait–the weather has been picnic perfect!

Easter totally crept up on me this year and I didn’t actually think I would do anything for Rex because I wasn’t sure if he would get the whole hunting for eggs but my mom surprised him with an early hunt and he was totally into it.  So now I’m really excited to plan a mini hunt for him as well!  This also led me to some interwebs searching for cute Easter ideas for babies (and us grown-ups), which led me to want to share some of my finds!


1. By far the prettiest egg creations I’ve stumbled upon this year: Jenni Kayne’s dried floral eggs.  If I had had more time this week I totally would have tried to make these.  Already thinking up something else revolving around dried flowers because they’re too pretty!

2. Egg runners up: these glitter eggs my girlfriend Sam shared on her blog last year.

3. Egg favorites number three: all about the natural dyed eggs which is the route I went this year.  You can buy the kits of course to keep things simple, or if you want to go all out here’s a link to a previous natural dying post I did last spring.  (Also, I totally forgot about that video! Omg Rex was so little!).

4. More adorable Easter picnic inspiration from Sam’s blog as well.   I died when she posted this sweet scene with the bunnies and baby chicks!

5. Okay, so I splurged and threw this pastel wooden rainbow in my Amazon cart.  I’m giving it to Rex on Easter but let’s be honest it is more for me.

6. Another rather smart idea that my mom had–putting a few Cheerios in the plastic eggs as opposed to candies for Rex.  This way they’re still fun to shake but you don’t have to worry about the sugar.

7. ULLA Johson’s spring collection!!  I mean, it is just SO so dreamy! The muted pastels and whites… I know it’s too late to order for Easter but oh so perfect for spring soirées!

8. If cake on Easter is your thing–taking another note from Jenni and dying to decorate a pretty cake with fresh berries and flowers.  This tea party is just too pretty and inspired me to want to host my own soon.

9. True: My mom still gives us Easter baskets (the guys are now included as well–so it’s one giant big kids basket that we can all share).  Even though I’m going on 33 it wouldn’t be Easter without mom spoiling me with some chocolate!

10.  Still not sure what to wear to Easter brunch?  Can’t go wrong with all-white or florals.  Some spring favorites:


The Look | ULLA Johnson Dress.

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