10 Things | From the Week

1.  This bright Ganni floral dress!  But you know what I really appreciate about this dress?  You can change the length of the straps with the small knots in the back.  Always a bummer when strap-y dresses don’t hit at the right spot.

2. Also, pulled these ray-bans out from last spring… I had forgotten how much I love them.  Thanks to my gf Tara for reminding me that all the cool (young) kids are wearing them these days.

3. What can you actually carry in a handmade seashell beaded bag?  Not much but it sure makes me want to head to the beach.  Oh how I love you Ulla Johnson!

4. These are my new fave mules.  So comfy!!

5. I got to meet another college girlfriend’s baby this week (she was in town from Austin!)!  I also cried when I found out another girlfriend was pregnant.  Why am I so emotional these days?!  The eyes just instantly water with any baby / family news.

6. I have another bachelorette girls’ weekend in Napa this weekend.  Lots of wine country celebrating on the cal is always a fun thing!

7. Joined some of my favorite SF creative girlfriends for brunch at my friend Erin’s house yesterday.  Her black, white and wood accented home is so my vibe!!  We drank rose.  Made floral arrangements.  Was so nice to have a “me” day… and to also go for a long car ride.  Podcasts, music…

8. If you missed it, here’s what I’m into this May!

9. Cinco De Mayo!  So bummed I didn’t get my act together for a party this year (well,  guess I didn’t last year either)…  but here was my Cinco party a couple of years ago.  The band was SO good!  Instead this year I’ll be at a pool party in Napa.  Not complaining.

10. Another high from the week: Rex has been on a serious cleaning streak.  He will grab one of his wipes out and start wiping down the coffee table, the refrigerator, windows.  Mostly just making matters worse but at least someone is attempting to clean around here!


This guy–always covered in scratches and bruises these days!









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