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I’m thinking of starting a little Friday series… 10 Things.  It just came to me late last night (I couldn’t really sleep) that I get a lot of the same questions and it could be fun to share them in a column.  There won’t be a theme so each week will be different (and I can’t even promise it will be every Friday such as my life goes these days)… but let’s give it a try!  Starting with 10 things most commonly / recently asked.  If you have any questions email me or leave them in the comment section and I’ll add those to the next round-ups.

On Style:

How tall are you?  I’m 5’1” (tall!).  So yes, I hem and alter my jeans, and dresses and most of the things I wear.  It’s all an illusion… I’m actually a shorty. 😉

How would you describe your style?  Classic meets bohemian… but usually with an edge.  I love feminine pieces but usually something has to be a bit off or boyish.  I always dress for comfort and my style mood changes depending on what city I’m in.  When I lived in New York I craved more leather and minimalist cuts and now in Sacramento I’m all about effortless and easy everyday pieces.

What are your closet staples?  A really great pair of denim.  The perfect white tee and pretty silk blouse.  A rad leather jacket.  A sexy slip dress and a floral maxi dress for both dressier / casual parties.  Comfy sneakers!  (My latest spring buy in Woodsmoke.)  A classic black pant (whatever silhouette flatters you best).  Nude and black pumps.  A special piece of statement jewelry that has meaning.

What’s your favorite denim brand?  Specifically high-rise styles.  I think everyone is catching on to the fact that post-baby I’ve been living solely in high-rise denim.  Honestly when I put on a lower rise (other than boyfriend) I feel like I’m back in college.  Anyone else?  High-rise just seems to suck it all in and be the most flattering cut for me these days.  My go-to denim brands are: Citizens of Humanity (for a high-rise skinny), AGOLDE the Riley is a great straight leg (Citizen’s little sister–all of the same denim and cuts of their Premium Vintage line), and Re/Done or Levis.

Your 10 most commonly asked questions... answered.

On Home Decor:

Where are your blinds, table, dining chairs… etc. from?  I get so many questions about our home which is so flattering!  I’ve really grown to love home decor so much over these past couple of years through our remodel process and part of me wishes we could do it all over again.  Honestly I could design a house a million ways!  A lot of our pieces are family heirlooms and hand-me-downs (I love that they have such sweet stories and meaning behind them).  I also do a lot of antiquing and I owe a lot of the credit to Design Alchemy who helped with our remodel and sourcing of our teak black table, dining chairs, lighting, and our blinds.  You can see the complete remodel before + after of the downstairs heremaster bath, and Rex’s nursery.

What’s your white paint color called?  Super White!  (Which makes it easy to remember.)

Your 10 most commonly asked questions... answered.

On Photography:

What’s the app you use for your Instagram Stories?  InShot!

What kind of camera do you use / how do you edit your photos?  I have a Canon 7D and edit using VsCo presets in Lightroom.  I’m self-taught though and could use some more technical skills… I do however work with talented photographer friends who know lots more about editing than I do and I’m always asking them questions.

Your 10 most commonly asked questions... answered.

On Moving… and Sacramento specifically (actually these could be a whole blog post in themselves):

“I just moved to Sacramento and I’m having a hard time adjusting”… or “I’m thinking of moving to Sacramento from the Bay Area / LA etc.”… I’ve been super honest about my move to Sacramento.  It was a hard adjustment for me.  Moving here from New York was a big change.  I think moving anywhere is hard… but especially from New York (or a bigger city) to a smaller city or town.  You’re just used to much more going on, late night food deliveries, things actually being open on Monday’s (what the heck Sacramento?)… and obviously your people.  It wasn’t until I really opened myself up to the community and found my people that I started to really warm up to Sac and realized how special a city it is.  Have you seen Lady Bird?  So much small town charm!  There are a handful of great neighborhoods that are all walking distance to things like great coffee which gives the perks of a more space but yet still with that city feel.  More Sacramento faves here.

“I’m thinking of moving cities for my partner but nervous, you seem to have adapted so well, any tips?”  I received this question a lot during the first year I moved to Sacramento.  What I wrote back was: “wow thank you–you’re not seeing the daily tears.”  It took me some six months or so until those tears stopped… and another couple of years to fully embrace the community here instead of running off to San Francisco every other day to see my friends.  Moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone is always hard.  I’m someone who embraces and actually craves change and yet this move unlike any other I had done was just really hard for me.  That said, I think moving to a new city and really shaking up your lifestyle is an amazing growth opportunity.  You should totally do it and experience a new city!  You can always move back.  Hey, I even moved to Ithaca New York for a year with my husband.  I quit my great paying job and nannied part-time.  It was a random year but we have some amazing memories.  And my number one tip: it’s all about meeting your people.  Even making friends at your local coffee shop, just so you feel like you see familiar faces in those first few months is major.  Be open to people connecting you with others and really put yourself out there.  Making friends in your later 20’s and 30’s isn’t easy.

Your 10 most commonly asked questions... answered.  Your 10 most commonly asked questions... answered.Your 10 most commonly asked questions... answered. Your 10 most commonly asked questions... answered.

The Look |  Veronica Beard Blouse.  Agolde Jeans.  Jennifer Fisher Charm Necklace + Earrings.  Tiffany & Co Bracelet.

Photography | Stephanie Russo

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