10 Things | September 6

This week was sprinkled with a healthy dose of family and girlfriend-time which is always my personal number one for the soul, plus a day-trip to San Francisco (with both babes!).  A day in SF always reengerizes me, but I’m appreciating more and more the slower pace of Sacramento and finally calling this city home.  After a slow-mo summer, basically feeling as though I lived in my backyard (I mean, you’ve seen it, ha!), I keep telling T that I’m finally really really happy here.  I feel like I’ve found my people, I have my sweet little life with my two beautiful babies (all I could ever ask for)… everything else is just a bonus!  Not sure if you guys have noticed or would even notice but I’ve been saying no to a lot.  Only accepting projects and jobs that feel 100% right for us (that’s you too!) and doable for me because I ultimately, first, want to be a mom.  And a present mom at that.  Just wanted to note this here as I hope you know that what you read on CITNB should always feel straight from a girlfriend!  And so many of you have become my girlfriends over the years… which I love.  Anyway, just where my head is at and wanting to keep it real.

Now… how about September!  Crisp fall mornings.  Fall fashion (what I’m buying if you missed it).  That end-of-summer / back-to-school refreshed to jump back into more of a routine feeling in the air.

I’ve been loving waking up before anyone in our house is up, making my morning coffee (um as I type this I’m actually drinking a freshly made glass of celery juice–who am I?), opening the windows and having an hour or so to myself to just do whatever I want.  If you can carve out that time for yourself this month and going into a season that often feels like we’re back-in-the-grind, I promise it will start your day on a high note!

And some links and things of note from my world as of late!  xx


1. A sweater to add to your fall wishlists.  I’m excited to be working with the Jenni Kayne team this fall season so I might need to snag it in another color (super crushing on taupe)–or debating this style instead!  Also thanks to them, I have a 20% off code for you to use (Alicia20) that I know I’ve mentioned here but it is good to use until December!

2. Podcasts to listen to: How to Raise Successful People (on the Goop Podcast)–really enjoyed this one about allowing our children to have more autonomy and to be independent, creative thinkers.  Another listen I enjoyed recently was Oprah’s interview with Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist… (part I and II on her podcast Super Soul Conversations).

3. Dôen’s first fall “chapter” as they’re calling it launched (last week was it?) and I know a bunch of you have asked for my favorite pieces on IG recently–that would hands down be the Jane Blouse.  It is my most worn piece from them, especially now as it’s breastfeeding friendly.  I love the Clove color for fall.  Waiting for the rest of their fall collection to hit the site… I mean did you see their shoot in France?

4. This ceramic vase has been on my wishlist for as long as I can remember.  I just love that earthy color!

5. Another bud vase I’m super crushing on is this sweet one from The General Store.  Absolutely loving visual artist, Michelle Blade’s work.

6.  T and I have been on a healthy eating / wellness kick together these past couple of weeks.  I more so eat to feel my best and also for glowing skin (um hiii morning celery juice!)… not dieting.  But True Botanicals’ website has such great nuggets of beauty and overall health wisdom, and I found myself down a rabbit hole recently.  I always love any tips on the best foods to eat for a better complexion because I personally always see the effects of diet and lack of sleep on my face first.  A bunch of good reads here!

7.  Jo Malone London’s latest fall fragrance launch is one to add to your lineup for sure!: Poppy & Barley.  I just love a mix of floral and woodsy and this is my ideal combo!

8. If you’re looking for a new laptop case, I just got this one from Cuyana and it’s really beautiful.  I went with black but it comes it a handful of gorgeous colors.  And you can get it monogrammed!

9.  Also from Cuyana, how pretty is this chic Zippered Satchel for a work bag?  Fits a laptop and you can customized it with monogramming as well.

10. Learned a clean skincare tip for spot curing acne! Make a paste with True Botanicals Antioxidant Booster and their spritz of their Mist (and a few other clear skin tips at the end of this page.)

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