#10Things November 8

Well that time change really worked in our favor this week and both Rex and Willow were hitting the pillow hard by 7pm.  I was also following shortly after them (so, so nice)!  In other news, I totally jinxed myself.  I was telling Tanner this past weekend that I wanted to go off-line for a bit.  He was rolling his eyes at me, “Alicia you say this every few months.”  It’s true, I do.  I always contemplate a break from the online world.  I just really love being in the present ya know?  Long story short, I went to the Apple Store to get the new iPhone 11 (side note: the camera really is worth it),… and silly me, I didn’t have my IG password saved and it wasn’t linked the the correct email address and next thing you know, I’m locked out of IG for a week.  So that’s why I’ve been MIA there.  At first it was sheer panic, oh my gosh what did I do.  And then I just embraced the pause and crossed my fingers the IG gods will get me back into my account.  It’s also sad how often I’d grab for my phone instinctively just to scroll the app mindlessly.  I feel like I do a pretty good job taking breaks here and there, but I’ve definitely never not checked the app in over a week and it’s been rather nice!

A few links from the week–some holiday sparkle (working on a true holiday style post so if you have any requests send them along!).  xx


1. Well it’s officially happening, Barneys is closing and the designer sales have started.  Although it’s only currently 5 / 10% off so not great… yet.  But there are a few brands I’m keeping my eye on like The Row (and these mules–chic for holiday parties).

2. Parisian label, Sézane, came out with a super cute athletic line that’s eco-friendly too!  Think pretty sports bras, feminine details on the leggings and this tank are my faves.  The collection has made me realize it’s time I update my workout attire.  (I’m still sporting old tees from 10 years ago to my yoga classes.  But then again, aren’t those tees the best?  Can’t part with them no matter how many holes they have!)  But back to those Parisians, they just make everything chicer!

3. A dermatologist just told me about this site: Mother to Baby, when we wanted to look up a particular retinol and if it would be safe to use on my skin while breastfeeding.  Such a great resource for looking up all kinds of info!

4. Speaking of motherhood stuff, I received a package from Methodology this week with lactation cookies, brownies and seedy energy bars and I have to say, so SO good.  I like that everything comes in glass jars as well which you can reuse.  I’ve only have the lactation treats but I’m now so curious to try more from them.

5. I’ve had holiday attire on the mind and fell for this sequined dress.  Feels like a Tom Ford sequin moment.

6. I’m still so old school and always have a bunch of lists and notes going in different note books.  I have really fallen for these pretty notebooks over the past year.  You can even customize them with your logo or name, which makes for a great gift for the team or anyone who appreciates a personalized notebook.  Sometimes having my name printed on things just makes me feel important. HA.

7. Crushing on an unexpected heel pop of color as you head into holiday season (splurge vs save).

8. Took advantage of R + W’s early bedtime this week and got to test out this new bath soak.

9. Love a good jumpsuit–this one is on my wishlist.

10. A classic, this strappy heel (comes in both black and nude) both ideal for upcoming holiday fetes as well.

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