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A Personalized Jewelry Edit | 6 Pieces to Covet for Mother’s Day

Even before I had Rex I knew I wanted to get a Jane Pope ring engraved with his name.  I had met the jewelry designer, Jane, a couple years prior in New York and fell in love with her eponymous line, and the sweet personalized rings that she wore with her kid’s names.  Since I rarely take my rings off (I feel naked if I ever leave the house without them on)… I loved the idea of a “Rex ring” that I would wear daily.  My mom also wears rings on her hand for my sister and I which I love!  This time around, for baby girl, I also want to get a personalized piece of jewelry with her name or initials but I haven’t quite decided what I want yet.  Of course I’ve been browsing around and here are some of the pieces I’m coveting.  Which also make for the perfect Mother’s Day gifts!


1.  Zoe Chicco Charm Necklace–since losing my Jennifer Fisher Charm Necklace, starting a new one has been at the top of my jewelry list.  Zoe Chicco’s charms are much more affordable then Jennifer Fisher’s and daintier as well.

2. Céline Letter Necklace–the Creative Director of Jo Malone London who has the absolute coolest personal style had a simple Céline letter necklace on during this past trip to London that she had layered with other gold necklaces and it looked so cool on her that I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind.  Also has made me gravitate more and more towards something super simple.

3.  Jane Pope Jewelry Ring–I could go for another name ring to match my “Rex” ring!

4.  Jennifer Fisher Engraged Essential Cuff–I love how simple and classic this cuff is, just the right size for layering and can be engraved with anything from names to special dates.

5.  Ariel Gordon Zodiac Dog Tag Necklace–since I’m such a astrology fan I’m crushing on these zodiac dog tag necklaces and want one in my sign (Libra).  Or you could also get the sign of your babe as well.  Also crushing on these name necklaces!

6.  Catbird Baby Cygnet Ring–Catbird’s sweet take on a classic signet ring.  And the rings my mom wears for my sister and I are pinky rings which makes me love this ring that much more!

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