What Makes Really Great Style? | 8 Classic Pieces To Have In Your Wardrobe

I was chatting with a friend yesterday about what makes really cool style and we were both saying, it’s those who can mix old with new in a really fresh and current way.  You know that chic grandma at the grocery store who is wearing pieces she’s had in her closet for years and yet she looks so on point?  Yeah I want to be her… but actually I don’t think I’ll ever be her, or not at this baby slobber on most of my tees point in my life anyway, ha!  Or someone who makes a Goodwill find look really expensive.  It’s more about their confidence, how they’re styling it and their “eye” to find that gem of a piece to begin with.  If I have one talent in life it’s to spot the best item in any store.  I also have a knack for being drawn to the most expensive pieces… I think that’s the luxury and beauty loving Libra in me.  Hence why I’ve always loved fashion?!

It’s so unrealistic to buy a whole new wardrobe each season–but if you really hone in your own personal style and have that core assortment in your closet filled with staples, then mixing in those one-off vintage finds, new designer buys and pieces from your travels–all of those pieces tell a story, making the whole look feel fresh and unique.  In editing my closet (I’m still working through it to prep for the new season)… I’ve realized the pieces I wear the most year after year and continuously pull out are the classics.  In my wardrobe I’ve discovered I have eight classic fall / winter wardrobe staples.  A few new season pieces and accessories added make these forever-classics feel fresh again.  If you have a mix of these you’ll always have something to pull for…

So continue to edit your closet and keep these staples in mind.  Then we will break down some new fall buys coming in a blog post to you soon!  (I’m going off all of your suggestions when I recently asked for fall style requests on IG Stories to continue this fall styling mini-series throughout September!)


1.  A great fitting pair of denim.  Denim runs the gamut in styles that flatter various body types so this is one for you to discover what works / flatters your frame best.  But since denim is the staple of my wardrobe it comes in at the top as my number one foundation piece.  I have an embarrassing amount of denim and still am forever on the hunt for the perfect pair.  Current favorites that flatter me the best and that feel fresh as we transition into fall: this wide leg high-rise style that I’ve mentioned recently (the Agolde Ren) and my go-to skinny that I always pull for (I love this lighter wash which is a good style for transitioning into fall and this darker wash).  I’m loving classic black and a faded black washes for fall / winter especially.

2.  The perfectly oversized Parisian blazer.  Either black or camel this is a must for meetings and date nights to throw over jeans, dresses, belt with skirts… you name it.  Something that can take you from work… out.

3.  The silk cami / slip dress / slip skirt.  Making this a trio because it really depends on the type of girl you are.  A top and jeans kinda girl or a dress / skirt lover.  As you will get more play out of one of these over the other depending on your preference.  Personally I have a mix of all three but I grab for a silk tank (usually black) and jeans more as an evening out option.  I’m just a denim girl.

4.  The white tee.  Each season this is the one purchase I for sure always replace / make.  New crisp white tee’s that can be mixed in and worn under jackets and blazers.  Favorites are this classic, cropped fitted styles, muscle tanks and bodysuits.  They feel age appropriate and cool worn under blazers and jackets or cozy knits.

5.   The leather jacket.  If you’ve been following me for years then you know I’m a big fan of the leather jacket.  I went through a major leather phase while living in New York and have accumulated quite the collection over the years.  I’ve since whittled down my assortment to a handful that fit like a glove.  I gave my sister a whole stash this past weekend keeping more of the classic styles because that’s what I wear the most of.  (You start to realize what continuously hangs in your closet and what you pull for the most and so maybe it’s time to let go of those pieces that you’re not pulling for as often because they probably don’t look as good / feel as good as your faves.  Right?)

6.  The denim jacket.  Same goes with the denim jacket–a staple in my closet for sure and I have a wide variety of classic styles, various crops / washes and vintage finds /trendier silhouettes as well.  It’s so hard for me to part with these because I really do pull for them all at various times.  So I’m keeping them because yes Marie Kondo, they all bring me joy.

7.  The chunky camel / black knit.  The fall favorite!  Nothing makes me more excited for the cozier season than an oversized knit.  Make sure you have a go-to camel and black sweater in your closet that you love.  These also tend to be replaced after a few seasons or it might be good to have your knock-around sweaters and your nicer knits for rotation.  (Jenni Kayne has my fave classic /splurge-worthy stylesuse code: Alicia20 for 20% this season. Like the perfect cardigan and sweater coat just to name a couple.)

8. The black boot.  Lastly, footwear falls into accessorizing for me–and that area to have fun with in your wardrobe but the classic black boot remains a staple in my fall / winter wardrobe.  I always pull back out my favorite black leather styles (which tend to have a western flair–my fave this season).  So make sure you have that perfect pair and then you can have fun with the rest of your footwear (like this cool sneaker!).

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