A Fall Closet Edit Challenge

A few of you have asked me what’s on my radar style-wise for the cooler months ahead, and this season I’m attempting the biggest closet edit I’ve ever done to really streamline my wardrobe…and to better understand what’s really missing from my wardrobe.  I edit things each season, but this time I’m attempting a major attack–it’s been long over due really.  I’m hoping this post encourages you to do the same (think of this as part I of a fall styling series to help us both get ready for the new season–sound good?).

 The problem I tend to have with my wardrobe is that I still have a fair amount of pieces I used to wear to work in New York during the days I was working at ELLE (when I was wearing designer pieces and leather on the regular).  They just hang there taking up prime real estate.  I pull for them when I head back to New York and have special events, but some pieces have gone untouched for years now.  Life in a much more casual town, and life with two young babies (not to mention breastfeeding)–means I prodominitly live in jeans and tees most days of the week.  I basically have a casual Sacramento wardrobe filled with denim, tees, linen jumpsuits and Dôen dresses.  Then I have a chunk of fashion pieces mixed in that I pull for when I’m going out, to San Francisco, or when traveling.  I want to be realistic about what I’m actually pulling for on the regular, what currently fits and what’s taking up prime space in my closet these days to make room for a more streamlined wardrobe of essentials.  But ultimately I do have a closetful of pieces I love to grab for, it just needs to be a bit more organized and edited down so I know what’s currently fitting and working on my post-baby body as well as what essentials may be missing.  I know a few items off hand I’m craving for the new season (ie: a classic camel colored blazer), but after I complete my closet edit I’ll share what I find!


So here’s the closet challenge if you want in…

1.  Pull out all of your fall pieces and start trying them on.  Every single piece!  It’s not necessarily fun (and I’m still working through it) but a must.  Enlist a girlfriend to help!

2. Take a tip from Marie-Kondo and “joyfully” separate out what goes and what stays.  I’m giving my closet a good hack but also going to be realistic (ie: I’m still not fitting in my clothes the way I used to and know things will hopefully still be changing–but want to have a good understanding of what I can grab for right now–so I’m pulling those pieces to the front and storing away what’s not fitting at the moment).  If donating locally I love to give nice pieces to WEAVE–a really amazing organization that supports those affected by domestic violence.

It’s often funny to me that even though I get hired to style shoots (editorially–I’ve tried personal styling in the past but it’s not for me) and share style tips and what I’m wearing on the blog, but I don’t give my own closet the major edit that I would if I was helping a girlfriend.

3.  Assess what needs to be altered.  I have a handful of pieces that have been in that “will hem one day” pile… and gosh darn it I just need to take them!  Finally going to hold myself to this one.

4.  Re-assess what’s missing from your wardrobe after whittling things down.  I know personally I still haven’t found that perfect camel blazer, or perfect throw over anything Parisian (a la Saint Laurent) black blazer.  I also seem to never have the right low heel for date nights (hence my mule splurge pictured here).  Which by the way, these are so crazy comfy!  I ordered a handful of mules recently and of course the most expensive pair was the winner.

5.  Make a list of what essentials are missing and keep a look out for them.  Restock staples / the foundation pieces of your fall edit if needed (i.e.: clean black / blue denim, white tees, black turtleneck and bodysuits–and most importantly new undergarments. I just ordered a few new strapless bras myself in both black and nude.)



Some fall closet essentials on my radar or pieces I already own and love…


I’ll get back to you with my official fall shopping list real soon! 

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