A Seasonally Organized Closet (& Added Closet Space to the Master!)

When we decided to remodel our master bathroom (I shared the before + after images here) I had to give up our closet space to accommodate a larger walk-in shower and bathtub.  Shower vs. closets–omg tough decision right?  But I’ve got to say a larger bathroom was totally the right choice.  And my husband promised me we’d work out the closet problem down the road.  Well good news!  Down the road came.  After months and months of hanging my clothes in our guest room (I literally could never find anything)… we reworked the space this summer and finally have closets in our bedroom again!  Can you believe it–actually getting dressed in the room you sleep in?  Yeah, it’s been totally awesome.

That said, while we do have closet space in the master, it’s not enough to hold all of my things so I’ve actually been really excited about a seasonal closet situation.  I’m back to my shoebox NYC apartment days when that was the only option and, you know what, it’s a great option!  It’s keeping me much more organized, and I feel like I’m on my way to the edited closet I always wanted.  I’m only hanging the blouses I want to wear everyday and have the jeans that currently fit / styles I’m into folded neatly in a stack while keeping my sweatshirts for bumming around with Rex in in the drawers.  I’m only keeping my everyday jewelry out.  And I’ve even edited down my bra and underwear assortment to the best of the best–which we should all probably do way more often truth be told.  All in all, it’s made getting dressed in the mornings super easy.

Originally I wanted to turn one of the extra rooms upstairs into the walk-in closet of my dreams.  But that idea was shot down when our interior designer and trusted friend, Deborah from Design Alchemy (who helped us through our entire remodel), came over and told me I should keep that space open for a bedroom.  Um, baby #2 actually.  So then we revisited the options inside the master bedroom.  Here’s the awesome aspect of working with an interior designer / architect–she found space in the walls in the master that we could cut into and sketched out enough hanging room to make me happy.  Besides hanging space we also added in drawers to make it look as if the custom built-ins had always been there.

Color coordination for the win!  Actually most of my closet looks like white, cream and black… which totally helps me find those few colorful items too.

I’m constantly asked how I store my hats and I wish I had a better system but I currently just stack them on top of each other on a shelf.  I just try to keep them covered so they don’t get dusty.  And I pack away the summer hats around this time of year so they don’t take up extra space (and so I can easily grab for my favorite fall fedoras).


I’m so happy with how this turned out!  Looks as if those drawers were always there doesn’t it?

Do you organize your closet seasonally?

Photography | Susan Yee

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