Chanel Girl

While talking my girlfriend Chris into a pair of Chanel flats that she obviously needed for an upcoming romantic rendezvous to Paris with the hubby (we’re incredibly dangerous fashion friends) I mentioned casually, “you know, I actually don’t think I’m a Chanel girl.” (Insert Chris’ gasp here.) In my mind this “Chanel Girl” has a perfectly kept candy-apple-red manicure (mine are typically black and most likely chipped), not a hair out of place (9 times out of 10 my natural curls have turned into a slight frizz even before I’ve left my apartment), and she’s probably wearing heels to dinner (when I’m in my Isabel Marant sneakers). 

Flash forward–I’m styling a few looks in anticipation of Moda Operandi’s Vintage Chanel sale and I’m going completely gaga for those double C’s. (Yeah, no big deal right?! Definitely a highlight from my quick 3 day trip to New York this past week.) Needless to say my skewed idea of this classy “Chanel Girl” has since changed. She’s fabulous and chic of course, but she also has a true-to-Coco-Chanel-herself confidence and je ne sais quoi that I love and appreciate. She’s pairing her Chanel with everything from trendier of-the-moment pieces, leather, and edgy blazers to borrowed-from-mom favorites. Oh, and you better believe she’s rocking that black mani. So, where’s Santa? Pretty sure I need this quilted cutie* in my life.

Wearing: Helmut Lang Blazer + Blouse.  borrowed Vintage Chanel Pendant + Pearls.
**Major Note: Everything ships just in time for Christmas. 

Photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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