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I sat down to write this year’s February Love List, a little something I started two years ago, without reading the previous lists and then come to find out this years’ was basically an exact combination of the past two, HA!  You can read last year’s, and the year before here… fun to look back and realize the things you love are still the same.  On that note, I went back through to tweak my new list!  And, I always want to know, what’s on your list?!



1. The way a pretty spring dress makes you feel!  (Especially the power of a dress like this one which made this preggo gal feel her very best in a long time.)

2. When you’re so into your book that you can’t put it down and you play hooky in all things just so you can keep reading because you have to know how it ends… but simultaneously you never want it to end.

3. Waking up and enjoying my cup of coffee before anyone else is up in the house.

4. Setting the mood with candles, turning up the music, and when not pregnant pouring myself that evening glass of wine.  Lately that’s been subbed for a cup of hot tea  Not quite the same… but cozy on a winter’s day.

5. Coconut rolled dates.  I love dates–they’re my dessert of choice!  I’m such a grandma when it comes to my snacks.

6. The smell of a used bookstore.

7. Catching up with a girlfriend you haven’t seen in a while and picking back up right where you left off.

8. Every little sentence that comes out of Rex’s mouth at this age!  Seriously he cracks me up and has the sweetest spirit about him.  Almost daily now he’s been saying: “Mom I love people.”

9. Watching Tanner and Rex play together.  They’re the best of silly buds.  And now I can’t WAIT to see T with a little girl.

10. How you feel when you walk out of the salon with a fresh cut and color. (Do you turn up the music on the radio and drive a little faster too, because you’re feeling your absolute coolest?)

11. When your favorite magazine arrives in the mail.  (AND you snag some free time to read it.)

12. Walking into any new and inspiring setting…

13. Listening to / soaking up the energy of anyone who is passionate, authentic, genuine in what they’re doing.

14. A commitment-free weekend.  No plans except quality time with your favorite people.

The Look  |  Doen Dress.

Photography | Ashley Maxwell

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