Gift Guide | Jewelry to splurge on... the pieces I love and what's on my radar this holiday season!

Gift Guide | Jewelry On My Radar

For the second most requested gift guide of the season I give you the jewelry on my radar and worth the splurge.  Sounds like something sentimental is ranking number one on most of my girlfriend’s wish lists this year and of course who doesn’t love some jewels?  Whether you’re splurging on yourself or sending this list along over to your loved ones hopefully this helps you narrow down your search.  Rounding up a few of the pieces I wear on the daily and am constantly asked about as well as the pieces and designers currently on my radar this season for something a bit more unique!


Where to Shop  | If you can, there’s just something I love about physically going into a jewelry store and trying the pieces on.  It always feels like such a treat whenever we’re in Oakland and I get to pop into one of my jewelry faves, Esqueleto (also in LA).  Other faves are Metier in Hayes Valley for amazing one-of-a-kind antique pieces and Melissa Joy Manning in Berkley (also have the cutest location in Cobble Hill).

Smaller jewelry brands on my radar for something a bit more unique  |  Wolf Circus, Sophie Monet (I’ve been living in her wooden hoops), Alighieri (which you can also find some of their pieces here)

The Charm Necklace |  Okay okay, you know this one, my coveted Jennifer Fisher Charm Necklace.  But this tops my list this year as I still get sick to my stomach at the thought of loosing my JF charm necklace this past spring.  (Pretty sure Rex was the culprit–he also threw away my watch around the same time!)  I love that each charm held special meaning–our wedding date, an infinity circle for my Uncle when he passed away, the angel wing (I used to have an angel wing on my backpack in college so this was the first charm T got me), etc.  Jennifer Fisher really made charms cool again–with her edgier take on them and longer, thicker chains.  It’s a splurge for sure… especially to get the necklace going as the chains themselves are quite pricey but a new charm for each holiday is something that your loved ones (or perhaps a splurge on yourself) can gift over the years, which really gives them an easy gifting idea for years to come!  Win, win… wink wink.  Also, while JF is one of my faves you don’t have to get her charms–you can totally build your own charm necklace with your own one-of-a-kind jewelry finds.

The Statement Earring  |  One of my girlfriends asked me for a fave investment statement earring and I turned her onto these (she was looking for something gold that she’d wear for years to come, although I think I actually want them more in silver personally).  I love that they’re a bit more unique than your average hoop.  Also how cool are these earrings for something more unique and super fun as well.

The Growing Ring Stack  |  I’m slowing working on my ring stacks and have a number of favorites from Lauren Wolf (splurge!), Satomi Kawakita (I wear this one daily, also love this diamond ring), Jane Pope and Melissa Joy Manning.  My wish list of their pieces is never ending… a few faves are pictured in this collage, including this MJM black diamond band.  (The same band as my wedding band).

Something Classic  |  There’s just something about the jewelry classics that can’t be denied.  A simple single diamond necklace that’s perfect for layering and everyday wear, or a sweet diamond stud (love these cluster earrings).  I also wear these classic Melissa Joy Manning hugs daily and have had my eye on these sweet pearl hugs for sometime now.  Both at price points that are easier to swallow.

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