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May!  I’ve been looking forward to you for 9+ months now… for obvious baby girl reasons. And because it’s a month to truly celebrate motherhood! But also for warmer weather and carefree spring days.  I have plans of plenty of afternoon naps (pre and post baby), picnics and glasses of wine on my mind!  I think I’m idealizing these first few weeks and months with baby girl in my mind as I know I will be deliriously tired, but I just can’t wait for those newborn snuggles, and am planning to be permanately lounging in our backyard basking up that sunshine on a blanket with Rex playing around us.  I’m craving gold earrings, minimal spaces, a golden creamy palette (really?, I know, what’s new) and I plan to live in billowy, forgiving dresses, straw hats and zero makeup.  I’ve been inspired by natural from the garden blooms, and love the idea of hanging flowers or herbs around instead of in a traditional vase and planting indoor greens (just planted an olive tree so we shall see if I can keep it alive).  Also most excited about the summer garden I started with Rex this past weekend.  We added more lavender to our garden beds, mint, yellow and cherry tomatoes and sunflower seeds!


May Mood Board

May cravings (including some from this surprise sale!)…

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