Mix & Match

Ears are such an awkward thing to photograph which is why I don’t really show off my ear-wear very often, but you may remember that I wrote about my obsession with mix-matched earrings here, and again here this past fall. Well that obsession has only grown since. It was this bar that really sparked it all, and I now stalk Hirotaka on a fairly regular basis. I was inspired to put this post together after one too many sips of wine recently led me to give away the match to one of my earrings. I gave it to my girlfriend Christine and jokingly told her that they would be our friendship earrings. (The 2014 friendship necklace!) From funkier ear cuffs and bars to your grandma’s pearls (making a major come back this season thanks to Chanel), mixing the two makes a subtly cool statement and a fun accessory to play around with. And since quite a few pairs of studs I’ve had my eyes on recently come with a pretty price tag, why not split the cost with your bestie?

Photography by Michelle Drewes

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