My everyday jewelry...

My Everyday Jewelry

There’s nothing more inspiring to me (style-wise) than a woman’s everyday jewelry and how she layers her favorite pieces.  A cool stack of rings, layered necklaces, prayer beads–you name it.  Each piece tells such amazing stories of travels, loved ones, and fond memories.  I love that even just a simple white tee looks cool when paired back to a unique collection of jewels.  There can be so much personal style just in the way you have layered your jewelry for the day.  This post has been long requested and so I’m sorry for the delay in listing out my everyday jewelry brands and pieces I wear on the regular!  But here you finally go!  I actually tagged and posted this in a recent instagram but thought it might be helpful to have the list of fine jewelry designers I love in a blog post as well.  And I had this post in the works awhile back when first requested but then I lost my most prized necklace (the Jennifer Fisher charm necklace that I wore everyday and that had years worth of memories / special meaning behind each charm)… so sadly that would have been the first piece on the list.


My everyday jewelry...

For those of you who have been following my journey for a while now you know that I was the buyer and helped open / run a boutique for a short time in my hometown.  It was such an amazing experience and thus I got to buy our fine jewelry and see all of the lines available on the market.  That said, I have my favorites from before and during that experience.  The fine jewelry lines I bought for the store were Catbird (a Brooklyn favorite from my years in New York) and Adina Reyter (a great price point for diamonds).  I wear both on the daily and have acquired additional favorites throughout the years that I rarely take off.

Rings  |  I have my delicate rings that I stack and wear everyday, and then a few more statement-y rings that I add into the mix depending on my mood or where I’m heading.  My everyday stack is a mix of family heirlooms, Catbird, Jane Pope (my engraved Rex ring!), Adina Reyter, EF Collection, Melissa Joy Manning (shared my wedding ring redesign with her here), and Satomi Kawakita (both of my Satomi rings are from Esqueleto–my fave jewelry shop in Oakland).

My everyday jewelry...

Well realizing now that you can’t see my ears in these photos, but I have 7 ear piercings and rarely switch these studs out as well… besides my bottom two holes when I wear statement bling.

Earrings  |  Studded favorites are also from Adina Reyter, Catbird, Melissa Joy Manning, and my diamond ear cuff from a store in New York: Maria Tash.

Necklaces  |  I never take off two delicate Adina Reyter necklaces (a diamond star, black diamond circle).  And previously, I wore my Jennifer Fisher charm necklace practically daily.  Otherwise I’ll mix in whatever based on my mood.  But now with Rex I keep the necklaces at a minimum as he pulls on everything.

My everyday jewelry...My everyday jewelry...

The Look (which has been on serious repeat all summer long) |  Doen Top.  Rachel Comey Jeans.

These Rachel Comey jeans are still my absolute faves, two years later.  Pricey for sure but I wear them multiple times a week so it feels justifiable at this point.  Sorry you’re probably sick of seeing them by now!

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