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Something Old, Something New | Reworking Fall Favorites

I’m a big believer in continuously reworking your favorite seasonal staples season after season.  Giving love to those classic trusty wardrobe standby’s with a few mixed in new pieces so you feel fresh.  Re-wearing a bunch of oldies but goodies in this post mixed with a few new finds… and a few of my top tips for editing your closet for the season:

1.  Assess your sweaters and toss any that have seen better days / have pills.  Make note of the colors you tend to wear the most and plan to re-invest in those (i.e.: for me I layer a lot in the cooler months with gray and cream colored cashmere sweaters!)

2. Edit your coat and jacket collection.  Pull out anything you haven’t worn in a couple of years and donate or sell.  I always think it’s better to make room in your closet than to leave anything hanging that doesn’t get the love it should.  I also like to pull my favorite jackets and blazers to the front so they’re easy to grab for.

3. This is the time to try on all of your jeans and pants.  Sounds so not fun but it’s good to know what’s working and not working at the moment so again you can have an easy grab and go section in your closet.  I keep my fave denim folded on a top shelf and grab for the same few pairs throughout the week.  Busy mom life made easy.

4. Same goes with shoes… if they’ve seen better days, toss them or decide if they’re worth repairing.  I love fall boots but tend to wear mine to the ground so I can usually always justify a new pair for the season.

Something Old:  Leather Pants, Adorned Belt  |  Something New:  Gray Blazer, Striped Sweater (also seen here)

Leather pants is one staple that if you invest in I promise you’ll wear them for years and years.  I’ve had this pair for going on 6+ I think.  They’re my absolute favorite pair (super comfy) and one of my favorite pieces to pull out this time of year.  So worth spending on the real deal if you can swing it (so much more comfortable!!) rather than fake leather.

Something Old:  Denim Skinny Jeans  |  Something New:  Cozy Sweater Coat (from Donni).

My denim collection (both jackets and jeans) pretty much take over my entire wardrobe but that said I still typically grab for whatever is on top.  So I always like to go through my jeans and try them ALL on (again, not fun) at the start of the season so see what styles are currently fitting me the best or feel the freshest / in the best condition.  For years now I’ve always had the best luck with Citizens of Humanity’s classic Rocket skinny jean.  I continuously re-buy them.

Something Old:  The Camel Coat  |  Something New:  Cashmere Sweater, Mule Flats (Jenni Kayne)

I’m forgetting when I got this camel coat exactly, a coupe of seasons ago I believe.  But regardless it’s gotten it’s cost per wear by now.  Finally my perfect throw over everything camel coat that is another piece I can hardly wait to pull back out once temps drop.  A chic camel coat or blazer is so worth the investment for seasons to come!  Layer with a new cashmere knit and jeans.

Photography | Ashley Maxwell

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