Spring is in the air!

I wasn’t going to share all of these photos here on the blog (as I already grammed a handful!)… but it’s pouring rain this afternoon as I type, and I personally was needing a dose of happy spring vibes.  Rex and I took a drive out off Jackson Road last week and stumbled upon this pretty field with pops of white, violet and pale yellow!  I’ve been feeling so freshly inspired lately by mother natures colors… and have been bringing my camera with me everywhere.  So so beautiful!  I always say fall is my favorite time of year but you know, spring is pretty special too… well, all of the changing seasons.

Since Rex is at that amazing age where everything is a new experience, watching him traipse around through grass almost as tall as him, as happy as can be (while saying his new favorite word: “happy”)… I mean it just doesn’t get better.  Such simple and pure joy!


The Look |  The Vetiver Collection Top.  AGOLDE Jeans.  Freda Salvador Boots.  ||  On Rex |  Iris Von Arnim Sweater.  Rylee + Cru Jumpsuit (from ShopBitte).  Zara Sneakers.

Someone asked me what I’m buying Rex for spring and honestly he’s been growing so quickly I’ve been trying not to get too much.  T-Shirts and shorts from Target and Zara are my go-to lately.  Splurge pieces from my girlfriend’s shop (Shop Bitte)–because I love to support her / love her edit… plus, it’s local and convenient for me.  She carries Rylee + Cru which is just too cute.  The dresses and tops they have for girls’ especially are just way adorable.  Also splurged on a pair of leather sandals for Rex to grow into for spring / summer.


Photography | Dani Weast (edited by me)

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