Summer: The Season of Natural Magic

Summer!  The season of natural magic… I know I’ve been really feeling it.  The light seems to reflect and glow in dreamy ways, stopping me in my place.

“The sunny days seem endless with possibility and the long nights are destined for adventure“…

I stumbled upon this quote from: A Wilder Life while revisiting a few of my favorite coffee table and cookbooks.  It’s the perfect reminder to get out and explore more, and take advantage of the longer, sunshine filled evenings.  A Wilder Life is a beautiful season-by-season guide to getting in touch with nature.  Highly recommend for gardening, recipes, diys, adventures and overall seasonal tips!  It was given to me from a girlfriend and is one I love to revisit every season for fresh inspiration.


Tanner has been traveling this week so I’ve been taking this opportunity to “play hooky” outside of our normal evening routine (since I’m sans my partner in crime helping me with bath time and such).  Sorta feels like I’m a kid too and our parents left us home alone ahaha!… Rex and I have been going rogue.  I made cookies the first night (tried a new, healthy almond oatmeal cookie from Goop that was delish!–and we rarely let Rex have sweets so things are really getting crazy over here (ha) but it didn’t feel like too guilty of a treat).  We’ve stayed up late into the evening reading and cuddling, have skipped bath time in favor of the shower, went out to eat with a girlfriend, and last night we went down to the river to chase the ducks, throw sand, and dip our toes into the water in an effort to cool off.

Last night, down by river, was just one of those purely magical summer nights (more recent summer magic!).  When I was trying to get Rex to say river in between handfuls of blueberries he kept repeating that we were “at happy,” which actually I think is the very perfect response!  Kids have a way of perfectly simplifying things…

 Summer: The Season of Natural Magic

Sandy Excursion Essentials |  Spf, hat, bikini, plenty of snacks and water and this sweet tote bag from Modern Citizen.  Perhaps a magazine, but I don’t know why I even try to pack that because I never get very far.  Thanks Rex.

Summer: The Season of Natural Magic  Summer: The Season of Natural Magic Summer: The Season of Natural Magic

I swear I dress Rex in other tees… just really love this one from The Great. Little!  Actually, I need to get him some new clothes in general, he’s growing so quickly that I don’t have much for him right now.  But we are loving his little water crocs that my mother-in-law picked up for him.  Ideal for summer!

Summer: The Season of Natural MagicSummer: The Season of Natural MagicSummer: The Season of Natural Magic

A moment I wish I had my phone out to record rather than my camera, because he was having a stare down and waddled straight up to a mama goose.  He was such a kick watching him chasing and then wave goodbye to the “mama” and “baby ducks.”  “Bye mama duck, bye baby duck!”

Summer: The Season of Natural Magic  Summer: The Season of Natural Magic

Hot, sweaty, and ready for dinner!

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