Summer Uniform: The Linen Jumpsuit

After living in Sacramento for a few summers now I’m finally figuring out my hot weather summer uniform: flowy cotton pieces and linen!  Especially this summer, I can’t get enough of linen jumpsuits.  Basically anything that gets me out of my usual denim suspects and looks just as good wrinkled is my #momlife jam.  Shared this pink jumpsuit here, but I’ve also have been on the hunt for the perfect neutral colored jumpsuits as well.  Linen pieces are a splurge for sure but ones you’ll certainly get the cost per wear.  I can’t get enough of this linen blend jumpsuit which feels like the perfect everyday mom-life look, vacay beach coverup (I actually bought it for an upcoming trip), and chic enough for dinner out with it’s seashell straps.  So cute right?  **Note: it’s long on me so I plan to have it cropped before our vacation but in the meantime giving it some love around the house.

More Jumpsuit Love…

Summer Uniform: The Linen Jumpsuit

The Look  | Staud Jumpsuit.  Janessa Leone Hat.  St. Agni Sandals.

Do you have a summer uniform?  Or a style uniform of sorts?  I’ve been drawn to the concept more and more… but then one look at my closet and I realized I basically already have one (ha).  I consistently choose clothing of a very similar palette and easy-California style, and so I guess without realizing it over the years–I think mainly in the past five, since moving back to California (and living in a very casual town)–I have created my own paired down “uniform” of basics I mix and match.  I’m so consistent that I don’t even realize I’m dressing my family in the same way as well.  So I either truly know what I like (and myself really well) or I’m just plain boring.  Take your pick, ha!  Of course, I love fashion so I can’t say a simplified way of dressing won’t be the case 100% for me… but I’m much more thoughtful about choosing pieces now that fit my lifestyle.  Maybe it’s something that comes more with age, has to do with that mom-life / working from home… or just me easing into my own Sacramentan style?

My Summer Uniform Staples |  Linen Everything (tops, dresses, pants, jumpsuits).  Denim (vintage Levis’ shorts, comfiest knock-around boyfriend jeans, a clean high-rise fit).  White + Gray Tees.  Straw Fedora.  Floral Dress.  LWD (little white dress).  White Wide Leg Pant.  Leather Sandals + Bag.

Summer Uniform: The Linen Jumpsuit  Summer Uniform: The Linen Jumpsuit

Gardening essentials… from Barebones Living.

Summer Uniform: The Linen Jumpsuit Summer Uniform: The Linen Jumpsuit Summer Uniform: The Linen Jumpsuit Summer Uniform: The Linen Jumpsuit

Side Note  |  Rex just got his first hair cut yesterday and even though I told the lady just a trim (it was getting mullet-status), and to leave the curls, of course they were snipped shorter than I’d wanted.  Thanks for indulging me here–I’m using this post to share more of those sweet curls I’m missing right now.  I know, they’ll grow back by next week!!

Summer Uniform: The Linen Jumpsuit Summer Uniform: The Linen Jumpsuit Summer Uniform: The Linen Jumpsuit Summer Uniform: The Linen Jumpsuit cSummer Uniform: The Linen Jumpsuit

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