my favorite way to style animal prints this fall season...

My Favorite Way to Style Animal Prints

It’s obvious animal prints are having a very big moment again this fall.  And with the blog title, Cheetah is the New Black, of course I had to weigh in with my favorite selects from the season.  Now it’s funny, I honestly don’t wear animal prints that often and I’d have to say I’m more partial to snake prints these days over cheetah / leopard, but those spots will always have a classic place in my heart.  I think I’ve shared this story a number of times, but around the time I started the blog (approximately 9 years ago this fall–what?)… I was at an all time cheetah-leopard-print wearing high.  Hence the blog name.  I had an H&M faux fur cheetah print coat that I wore everywhere and a few of my guy friends would always tease me as it’s what I’d show up in when everyone else arrived in hoodies.  It’s not necessarily a blog title I would choose today, but it’s also such a fun play on what personal style should really be.  Bold, playful, fun and just whatever you’re feeling that day.

So let’s get to my favorite animal print pieces of the season.  Currently loving leopard / animal slip dresses but worn more casually–i.e.: worn over tees (roll the sleeves a bit which somehow makes the look), with boots, and hats.  I love an unexpected mix when it comes to animal prints–like snake prints paired with plaid or stripes.  Before you think no way, see this styling and you’ll get what I’m talking about.

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