Tahoe Keys Girls’ Beach Day

4 August

A sponsored story with Bota Box ~ Remember my summer kick-off with Bota Box?  Enter adventure number two, as part of my ongoing collaboration with the brand.  Between the eco-friendly packaging and easy portability, I’m convinced this boxed wine is the best for bringing along on those outdoorsy escapes and for toasting to those adventure-seeking days.

When my girlfriend Nicole told me she was going to spend the entire month of July up at their Tahoe cabin in the Keys, Rex and I made sure to take advantage and crashed their pad for a day.  It was Rex’s first time in the sand!  First dip in the lake too!  A beach picnic with one of my best gals, a swim in the lake, that scenic winding drive through the mountains, that crisp fresh air… and that sparkling water.  Yeah, it was one of those perfectly carefree summer days, and we were thrilled to escape the 100+ degree temps back home in favor of those 80’s.  Since Nicole provided the beach front I brought the picnic fixings and Bota Box wine for our afternoon playing catch-up.  And since it’s not uncommon to go months without seeing each other these days, sadly, celebrating our beach day together with a little wine was a must.

I don’t get to see my girlfriends as often as I’d like to anymore but it’s days like this, when we pick up right where we left off, that are just the best!

Is there a better view than this to enjoy your Sauvignon Blanc?  I doubt it.

There’s just never enough time to catch up with this one (and especially with our babies in the mix now).  Nicole and I lived together in college as well as a couple years out of college in San Francisco (I actually started Cheetah is the New Black in our North Beach apartment).  But I’ll take what “Nicole time” I can get these days as we’re both usually running in different directions and currently living about 3 hours apart.

What’s been especially fun to experience together–having babies within a month of each other.  Nicole’s sweet Harper was born almost exactly one month after Rex.  It was so nice to have a close girlfriend to talk with and be able to quickly text about weird body changes (TMI) during our pregnancies… and now, to have a girlfriend to laugh and chat with about the various developmental stages as they grow.  I like to joke that Harper is Rex’s girlfriend although he was more into his truck than Harper this visit.  I know that will change!

With notes of ripe nectarine and melon, the crisp Sauvignon Blanc paired perfectly with the assorted farmers market fruits and cheeses I brought along.

I threw these Chardonnay minis in my basket for Nicole to try as well and she was a fan!  They’re the perfect size to bring on the go (and I wasn’t sure where the day might take us so it’s a good size to have on hand).  You never know when you might want to throw one of these in your purse or hiking backpack!

 Tahoe will always be a very special place to me.  We recently lost my Uncle who lived in Truckee and it was almost magical to be back here.  I have some of the best memories spent soaking up that mountain air.  Whether at the beach in the summer, the slopes in winter or just family hangs at their house–and always with great food (my aunt was a seriously good cook!) and lots of wine.  My uncle always had a glass in hand.


Thank you to Bota Box for partnering on this post!

Photography | Stephanie Russo

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