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10 Things I Love About Sacramento

Have you seen Lady Bird yet?  Greta Gerwig produced such a cute love story and ode to her hometown, the city I now consider home, Sacramento.  In some ways it reminds me of my childhood growing up in Chico (a smaller town) and wanting to leave for San Francisco and New York.  It’s one of those heartwarming stories about appreciating where you come from… the people, milestones, and lessons that get you to where you want to be.  Coming off a high from the Golden Globes this week… as Lady Bird won Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things about Sacramento.  1) Because I’ve been getting quite a number of messages and emails lately about moving here and 2) Because I’ve been having my own love affair with Sacramento this past year, appreciating this sweet city for what it is.

Before jumping into my list… for those just interested in where to get coffee / eat etc. in Sacramento–click on over to the city guide that I created last year.  Working on updating it as well with more recent spots…


1. The people.  Moving to a new city is always hard and it’s taken me a few years now to really find my people here, but Sacramento is one of those awesomely laid-back, accepting, and open communities.  I’m biased but Northern Californians are the most down-to-earth people you’ll find.

2.  Its small-town feel… and yet you still get those city-like perks too.

3.  The proximity to nature.  We spend as much time outdoors as possible on the weekends.  Often heading to the American River trails for long walks with Rex.

4.  Sacramento’s appreciation for good coffee.  We’ve got some gems!  The Mill, Temple, Chocolate Fish are all my top faves.

5.  The mom-and-pop shops / restaurants and local gems (okay, yes this is my answer for all cities)–as these gems really make any city special.  Always support your local mom-and-pops!  Two favorites in our neck of the woods are: Junos (sandwiches / salads), Burr’s Fountain for ice cream, One Speed for pizza, our Sacramento Co-Op and Corti Brothers a highly curated grocery store that’s been around since 1947 (just mentioned here).  I could go on!

6.  Our East Sac neighborhood and the daily walk I take with Rex through our hood.  Lately it’s been in his “truck” that he got for his first birthday.  We say hi to our neighbors (and their dogs along the way) and walk up Folsom so I can get my caffeine fix at Chocolate Fish… all through the most charming storybook-like streets.  I feel so lucky to get to raise Rex in such a quaint area.

7.  The new resurgence that’s happening means more cool little spots keep opening (like Miel in Oak Park) that remind me of some of my favorite shops in Oakland or SF.  And, Canon!  I’ve been eating here almost every weekend since it’s opened.  It’s currently my go-to date night spot in our neighborhood.  The food is amazing!

8.  Being able to find parking when you go out to dinner.  It’s the little the things!

9.  The easiest airport you could imagine.  It’s so nice to be able to quickly get in and out.  Yes you can’t always get direct flights but there’s something to be said about the ease of a smaller airport.

10.  The Capital draw which means… perks like some good concerts especially now with our new arena (sadly missed out on Jay-Z recently, but we did catch the Lumineers at Golden One).  But I also really love seeing live music at the smaller venues too, like The Crest where we saw Gregory Alan Isakov.

10 Things I Love About Sacramento

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10 Things I Love About Sacramento 10 Things I Love About Sacramento 10 Things I Love About Sacramento 10 Things I Love About Sacramento 10 Things I Love About Sacramento10 Things I Love About Sacramento

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