Alisal Guest Ranch

Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort is one of those special places that we hope to make lots of memories at with Rex and Willow over the years. We had been wanting to return to the idyllic ranch ever since our first trip a couple of years back when Rex was just a baby… but wanted to wait until Rex was old enough to truly take advantage of all of the outdoorsy activities. The trip was planned long before COVID, and we were so thankful that when the time rolled around the ranch had re-opened and we were able to go. Especially since we had been talking it up to Rex this whole past year. Thankfully it did not disappoint this 3 1/2 year old–he was so happy running around the property! It’s truly a kid’s dream!

The 10,000 acre property has something for everyone from hiking, biking, fishing their 100 acre lake, horseback riding, swimming, tennis, golf to fine dining and arts and crafts activities for the kids. It’s such a wonderful family vacation spot or perfect place to go with relatives or the grandparents. It feels a bit like a nostalgic time capsule with old-school charm of a dude ranch. This visit was of course a bit different, all of the dining was outdoors (which was actually super nice for us with a 3 year old and a 1 year old–they’re not ideal fine diners quite yet anyway) but Tanner and I did miss the charm of their dining room and bar. But with everything being outdoors it couldn’t have been a better trip to have taken this summer.

We usually did some kind of activity in the morning (Haywagon pancake breakfast ride and went to the lake) and left the afternoons free for naps and wandering around the property or visiting the farm animals. Rex is my little nature explorer so he was in pure heaven just walking the grounds, picking up sticks and finding bugs. A highlight for all of us this trip though was watching Rex catch his first fish. He was so proud and the smile on his face for the rest of the morning was just too cute.

The change of scenery was so good for our spirits and getting Tanner off-the-clock was just so nice for all of us after these past few months!

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They had a daily arts-and-crafts to-go bag which Rex loved and wanted to get first thing each morning.

A true milestone and highlight of the trip was when Rex caught his first fish… he was so proud of his bluegill! And Willow couldn’t have been cuter in her oversized life jacket making fish noises on the boat.

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So proud of himself!!

I love these throw-back lounge chairs so much!

Rex and Willow wake us up early so we would grab morning coffee and walk to see the horses. Those mornings were my favorite. Rex’s pure joy at watching the horses who were often times still asleep was just the best.

A big brother showing off his fishing rod.

Every meal was served outside on the main lawn area. And while we missed the charm and formalness of the inside dining room, I have to say this setup actually worked out perfectly for a 3 and 1 year old. So family friendly, live music and delicious farm grilled meals. I had forgotten how good the food is! From lobster and salmon and steaks to taco night… there was something to please every palate.

We can’t wait to return again–hopefully with the grandparents or friends! Next trip we’ll probably wait until Rex is five (if I had to pick an ideal age to take kids that would probably be it to fully take advantage of all of the activities) and Willow is a bit older.

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