My guide to Ojai... 8 of the highlights and my favorite spots from our recent trip to this sweet town.

Ojai Guide | 8 Highlights From Our Trip

Flashing back to Ojai today (from our recent road trip)–to share a few of my favorite spots and highlights in this sweet town as I received some requests for an official Ojai guide.  So for those asking, here’s my list of where to go, where to shop and what to do while in town!

The previous times I’ve stayed in Ojai we stayed at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa.  And I will say the Inn lures you in, so much so that you never want to leave (memories while there on our baby moon!  I had ventured into the quaint (super small) downtown strip, shopped at In the Field, Summer Camp and deKor Co. and always made sure to grab at least one breakfast at Knead Baking Company… and I thought that along with a few other restaurants we had pretty much explored everything in Ojai.  This trip however, staying outside of the Inn and Spa bubble, meant we explored more of local spots and what the city has to offer.  A few of my favorite more local finds below…

1.  Grab dinner at Deer Lodge | Now this is one that I feel bad about sharing as it’s such a local gem, but this was hands down our fave spot we grabbed dinner and a drink.  Besides the fact that it was just up the street from where we stayed, had a super low-key off the radar vibe, everything we ordered was really delicious and they have live music later in the evenings.  It’s a rustic and dark bar inside, which is cool, but we loved sitting outside on the patio under the twinkly lights.  Also I hear this is where celebs hideaway when in town.

2. Coffee and shopping at Beacon Coffee + Cattywampus Crafts  | This is a two-in-one as they’re attached… so grab an almond milk latte and then pursue Cattywampus Crafts.  Think crafty chic, they have cool ceramics and clothing as well.  This spot will totally give you the urge to learn how to knit.  Or just buy something locally made (I came home with some ceramics and gifts for my mom).

3. Rent bikes at the MOB Shop and ride around town.  |  Riding through the trails and through the town was the best way to see more of the cute shops and things that we had missed on previous visits to Ojai.  After riding through town, grab a burger and/or an ice cream cone at O-Hi Frostie.  It’s nothing fancy, and is just in a small strip mall, but it hits the spot after a long ride!

4.  Shop at In the Field | Including this gem even though it wasn’t a new to me find on this visit to Ojai, but couldn’t leave off as it’s my fave shopping spot in town.  If you know it you know it’s totally my vibe.

5. Eat at Farmer and the Cook |  This all vegetarian Mexican cafe by day, wood fired pizzas on weekend nights… is also an organic grocery store.  We shopped here for groceries throughout our stay as it was just a block from the house we had rented.

6. Bart’s Books | The coolest outdoor bookstore!  I could spend hours in bookstores and the fact that this one is completely outside is so cool.  We rode here on our bikes so it was the perfect mid-way break to read a few books to Rex and let him stretch his legs.

7.  Ojai Land Conservancy | Miles of scenic hiking and trails!

8. Dinner at Ojai Ranch House  | Tucked away in the mountains of Ojai, such a gem of a meal!

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