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A Road Trip Playlist (+ the Power of Music)

If you’ve been following along with me on Instagram this week we’ve been driving down the coast in this cutie, MINI Countryman.  I just love a leisurely not super planned out road trip!  During the longest stretch of our drive thus far, Big Sur to Ojai, I put together this road trip playlist of all my current easy listening favorites.  It’s ideal for long drives, playing while cooking dinner (glass of wine in hand), headphones in while working, or just hanging around the house.  Hope you enjoy!  Also, please leave me any of your favorite songs or artists below as well–I’m always looking for new songs!


A few weekends back now T and I found ourselves at a bluegrass festival for the weekend in Portland.  I had one of those powerful moments when I looked around at the crowd and the people to my right and left, and just instantly teared up over the fact that music has such an amazing power to bring everyone together (all ages,… all everything!).  And the coolest part of all?  This bluegrass-loving crowd was completely iPhone free.  It was literally eye-wateringly beautiful and impactful for me.  I go to a lot of concerts and almost always my view is blocked by someone holding up their phone (or iPad) to record the moment.  I’ll admit, I’m just as guilty to capture a few snippets of my favorite songs but there was something truly special about being in that cell-phone free crowd… just in the moment soaking up that magical energy and the power that music has to connect.

I live for live music.  Really I’ll go to almost anything… in fact, Tanner and I made a goal to go to more shows this year (or what life allows with a toddler these days).  It’s all just more about figuring out who’s coming ahead of time because I can’t seem to get my act together to get tickets for some reason (thankfully T is usually on it, and I recently discovered Songkick–an app that tracks when your favorite bands are coming to your area!).  We had kind of forgotten that we had made that pact together at the beginning of the year but then just sat down and rattled off a whole list of small shows we’ve attended so far and I’m actually pretty pleased with ourselves.  Music is something we’re both are super passionate about but I have to give Tanner all the credit here because he introduces me to new bands all the time and is much better about finding them.

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