Un Fine Settimana Italiano!

23 October
And finally, some photos from our weekend with our cousins in ItalyOh how we love them, and Italy so. We spent the weekend exploring and eating our way through the various charming beach towns in their region, Liguria (think Cinque Terre but minus the tourists). Such gems! Pasta, pizza, family, to die for coastline views, wine, (me) trying to speak Italian and actually speaking Spanish, and lots of laughs. So when can we go back?!

Leather jacket twins for the weekend (and in almost every picture because we packed so lightly).
Besides melt-in-your-mouth pastas and sauces, we also had some of the best pizza (ever!), tortas (also typical of Ligura), gnocchi, and focaccia. 
Afternoon tea in Italy? Sure, why not.
Cheese, fruit, and a jolt of espresso after every meal.
Pizza night in Sestri.
Gelato in Camogli! Always a must.
Lunch at Lala (Aunt) Lela’s in Genoa.
The first day we arrived they took us on a walk along to coast and into Portofino where we enjoyed sliced focaccia (a typical breakfast, lunch, anytime snack of Liguria) with a view. I couldn’t believe how blue the water was and wanted to jump right in. 
I tried my first Indian “fichi.” 

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