A Weekend in Downtown Seattle

Tanner and I had the chance to sneak away (sans Rex!) for a quick stay in Seattle a couple of weekends back now… thanks to Hey Mama Co. for giving us the excuse to get away, and Alaska Air for flying us there!  We’d been craving a toddler-less weekend and crazily enough that was one of the only free Saturday / Sundays we had on the cal until June.  (How does that happen?! Wedding season for me!)  We actually booked our mini getaway just a few nights before with the only criteria that we wanted a direct and quick flight.  We were torn between Seattle, Portland or San Diego… and I made the final call, booking us for Seattle.  I hadn’t been back to Seattle since my sister’s college graduation, which I later realized was nine years ago (!!),… and this waterfront city surprised us in the best way possible.  I guess I hadn’t spent that much time in the downtown previously as I was always with my sister, in the towns she lived in, but the downtown area reminded me a lot of being on the water in San Francisco.  We sort of just ate and drank our way through the city in typical tourist fashion and I already want to go back to explore more of the island and spend some time on Vashon (remember when Stephanie shared about her stay there?–well she’s still raving about it’s magic).  Highlights from the weekend included:

Brunch at The London Plane in Pioneer Square.  We enjoyed what we ordered but honestly loved the airy and bright vibe most.  We also lucked out with an awesome waiter who saw my camera and little tourist list out on the table and tipped us off on a few of his favorite spots to see while we were in town.

Oysters at The Walrus and the Carpenter.  This was the weekend highlight for me for sure!  Cute small little spot.  Everything we ordered was delicious.  I think the clams were my fave.  Oh and grab drinks beforehand if there’s a wait next door at Barnacle.

Shop:  Moorea Seal.  Totokealo.  Glasswing.  We both really loved Glasswing–best shopping for the dudes in Seattle.  And while at Glasswing pop next door to Melrose Market… we grabbed chocolate chip cookies to go.  Also, if your guy is a fan of Fillson that was a highlight for Tanner.  We stopped by their main headquarters as well as a few other stores while in Seattle.  There’s a store new The Walrus and the Carpenter as well.  I thought it was cool that they offered beers while you shop.

Stay: we stayed at the Thompson Hotel.  I would definitely recommend as it’s a convenient downtown location plus they have a great rooftop bar with an amazing view.  (My husband is a hotel diva and wasn’t thrilled with the rooms–says they’re nothing special, I on the other hand thought they were totally fine!  Plus the floor to ceiling windows have quite an epic view–so be sure to book a room on the waterside).  Other hotels to check out: The Ace and Palladian.

Travel Style |  I prefer to pack as light as possible, especially if we’re just going for a quick two days.  Oh my gosh and now whenever I fly without Rex I just can’t believe what a breeze it is.  If you only have your carry-on and purse, I mean life is good!  I always wear layers since I’m usually cold, flats, comfy jeans and my main coat for the trip.  No makeup and fuss-free hair (especially if it’s an early flight).




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