loews regency san francisco

Traveling with an Infant

14 December

Last week we took baby boy for his first trip into the Bay.  First stop was a quick overnight stay in Palo Alto for my husband’s office holiday party, and the rest of the weekend was spent showing Rex around San Francisco.  (A.K.A. Rex slept in my wrap most of the time while we showed him off to friends).

loews regency san francisco
Our SF staycation took place at the Loews Regency San Francisco.  Now that we’re a family of three, crashing at my sister’s Nob Hill apartment isn’t quite as easy so this made our stay especially nice and comfortable.  Upon arriving at the hotel baby boy went down for a nap and I was able to sneak in an express mani / pedi (my first since he was born! and oh my, was it quite the treat and much needed).  After receiving the royal treatment at the spa I met back up with my boys and we enjoyed afternoon tea complete with decadent bites and chilled bubbles at the hotel’s Brasserie S&P Restaurant.  My sister and her boyfriend were also able to join us for a drink–kicking off our Friday night in the city on the right note.

loews regency san francisco

Staying in a hotel with a two week old infant is something I’ve received quite a few questions about.  While it’s not quite the same experience as before (you’re definitely not getting all the zzz’s you wish you were)–it really was luxurious in its own way and I highly recommend a hotel staycation for all postpartum mamas.  For one, it was so nice to feel pampered.  Clean sheets, and a huge comfortable bed and honestly you almost forget that you’re getting woken up every two to three hours.  Since my guy was with me to watch Rex, I was also able to take the longest (extra hot!) shower I’ve had since he went back to work.  Lastly, we asked for late check out which meant our morning wasn’t rushed.  My guy went out to grab me Blue Bottle coffee and I took my sweet time getting ready for the day (I even blew dry my hair despite the city’s rain day).  The weather wasn’t ideal for our original plans but it ended up being nice as it forced us to really enjoy our time at the hotel.  Because we weren’t rushed to be anywhere, Rex picked up on our relaxed mood and the whole fam just enjoyed the lazy aspect of being inside a cozy hotel suite with an amazing view on a drizzly day.

loews regency san francisco

How about this view?!  The Loews Regency is the tallest hotel in the city–making this scene especially instagrammable.

loews regency san francisco loews regency san francisco loews regency san francisco loews regency san francisco

An extra long shower also meant I got to really enjoy the hotel’s new Julien Farel amenities… which smell amazing and made for a great hair day.

loews regency san francisco rex moss lund

Tips for traveling with an infant |  I learned from a girlfriend who has done her fair share of traveling with a baby to always ask the hotel if they have a crib.  This saved us  room in the car (as we’ve quickly realized how much stuff a baby requires).  The Loews Regency set up the crib before we arrived which meant Rex was able to go right down for a nap upon arrival.  (So nice!)  Another tip I learned myself after traveling to visit the grandparents a week after he was born–pack the baby bag and car well in advance otherwise you’re bound to forget something.  I quickly learned that packing up the car and his items takes much longer than one would expect.

loews regency san francisco loews regency san francisco

Taking in the scene (he was into it!).

rex moss lund loews regency san franciscoloews regency san francisco

Family selfie.

loews regency san francisco tea timeloews regency san francisco marlowe san francisco

Additional weekend highlights |  Lunch at Marlowe with my boys.  Coffee dates with two close girlfriends–so they could meet Rex.  And a pizza party in our hotel room with my sister and cousin Michelle.

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