Alameda Flea Market

Sunday morning I woke up way too early (I even talked the boyfriend into going) and crossed the bay for the monthly Alameda Flea Market. I have been wanting to go for some time now but always seemed to miss the Sunday’s it fell on. I finally made it a point to mark my calendar and I’m glad I did! With a large cup of coffee in hand, I strolled down aisle after aisle and was impressed to find a wide array of treasures. From: crystal chandeliers, antique dressers, fur jackets, chunky necklaces and rows of glasses this flea market has it all covered. I was completely torn and in fact,  a little overwhelmed with how much I wanted to take home with me. Somehow (props to the boyfriend for not letting me go crazy!) I managed to walk away satisfied with just one purchase, a gold framed mirror that I plan on hanging above my bed secured with ribbon. 

Here are my tips for those who plan on attending in the future:

1. You do NOT have to wake up at the crack of dawn – anytime between 9-10:30am, when the entrance fee is cheaper ($5) is fine and I guarantee it will not be picked over.
2. Load up on caffeine and wear comfy shoes – you will do a lot of walking and may need the energy boost as you could easily spend all afternoon here. 
3. Bring extra cash – I could have purchased much more but ran out of cash (this was probably a good thing).
4. Remember where you parked your car – the parking lot is massive!

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