DIY Studded Collar

I’m sure you’ve seen this DIY before but I liked how it turned out and thought I would share. I actually bought these studs a few weeks back with the idea of putting them on the shoulders of a jacket. After slight hesitation (I decided I liked the jacket just the way it is), I opted for studding the collar of this blouse instead. Just the pizazz it needed – don’t you think?! 
Here’s what you’ll need: 

X-Acto Knife or something sharp to punch small holes
Blouse (I would recommend a cheap / thrifted blouse for your first attempt) 

1. Line up studs in the triangular pattern you like. 

2. Poke a small hole and punch the back of your screw in (see photo below). 

3. Tighten the top of the stud and repeat until all studs are in place! 

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