DIY Wrap Bracelet

I recently made the above leather and suede wrap bracelet; the process was so easy (and supplies affordable) that I simply had to share the steps with you! I used a combination of both leather and suede because that’s all I had at the time although next time around I would opt for just leather which is more durable and easier to braid.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Leather (and/or Suede) Pieces
Leftover Chain
Clasp and End Pieces

1. Cut desired number and colors of leather or suede strands (I used a mix of both) and knot around a circular end piece.

2. Fish tail the leather / suede to desired length. This bracelet is meant to wrap around your wrist so the length doesn’t necessarily need to be measured precisely. 

3. Knot the end of the fish tail and attach a left over piece of chain (for added length as well as aesthetic). 

4. Attach a clasp to the opposite circular end piece and your wrap bracelet is finished!

The final army candy – pictured here with a Michael Kors watch and DIY chain bracelet.

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