The Wedding Dress Search

8 September
The search for my wedding dress successfully ended this weekend (with lots of smiles and a few shrills!) when I found the one. It finally feels official, I am getting married! And while I can’t give away any details about what my dress actually looks like (besides the fact that it is white) because the fiance reads my blog … I have compiled a list of helpful tips for brides to be in search of the perfect dress.

1. Have an open mind when dress shopping. You never know what styles will look best on and don’t be afraid to try on dresses you wouldn’t normally choose.
2. Know your personal style and make sure to give your bridal assistant a clear image of what your style is / the theme of your wedding.
3. Shower, shave and wear the proper undergarments to your appointments.
4. Bring along your mom, sister, best friend etc. It’s important to have a second and third opinion but make sure they don’t talk you into a style you’re not fond of.
5. Practice walking, sitting, jumping and DANCING in your dress, as you will definitely be doing all of these on your wedding day!
6. What they say is true, you’ll know it’s the dress when you don’t want to take it off. 

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