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More than ever right now, I find myself wanting to make the everyday moments feel a bit more special–and you know what, eating off my Humble Ceramic plates and making a floral arrangement in my Mt. Washington vase are bringing me all of the joy right now. It really is all about the small things! That mug that you grab for each morning that somehow makes your cup of coffee that much more delicious or the beautiful speckled bowl that is the perfect size for my salad and veggie/grain bowl creations. I only have two and wash and use them for almost every meal. There’s something I just love about that. I also like that they’re beautiful but not too precious to give my son to eat with. I wanted to pull together a list of my favorite ceramicists for you and realized when putting this post together that I have so many! And I’ve probably forgotten a few / I know this list is heavy on the Northern California-based potters. So please share any local favorites you have found as I always love discovering new artists. Enjoy–these have become some of the most treasured pieces in our home.

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Zoe Daring

I have wanted absolutely everything Zoe Daring after a girlfriend introduced me to this Bay Area ceramicist. From snacking bowls (yep, I’m doing a lot of snacking right now!) to the lines mug and this one-of-a-kind tea pot.

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Mt. Washington 

Mt. Washington Pottery has long been a favorite of mine and one I’ve slowly collected over the years. Most of my absolute favorite vases, mugs and larger bowls are Mt. Washington. Oh and look, more lavender love!

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Sarah Kersten

I make a lot of grain and veggie bowls, salads and soups and this is my ideal meal sized bowl. They’re beautifully speckled, have weight to them and are rather indestructible so I feel comfortable giving to Rex to use.

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Alex Marshall

My Alex Marshall collection has grown the most over the past couple of years since meeting Alex and going to her studio in my hometown, Chico. My mom has been gifting me on holidays a few new pieces to complete my set of the matte stone color-way. I even have sweet kid pieces from her past collaboration with Barneys.

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Virginia Sin

My Virginia Sin duo candlestick holder has been getting a lot of play lately–making a simple statement on our dining table with my hot pink candlesticks. She has such cool and unique pieces!

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Lucy Michel

Lucy Michel is a favorite for this unique vase shape… as well as her super unique fruit basket, and I’ve been wanting one of her dish soap ceramic pieces for awhile but everything she makes sells out asap. She’s also a fun mama to follow on Instagram!

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Luvhaus Ceramics

Made in West Oakland, Luvhaus Ceramics has a beautiful mix of dishware but I especially love their pitchers. How pretty in this lavender hue?

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Heath Ceramics

I know we all know Heath! I love their clean and minimal dishes and bowls and dream of one day having a full kitchen set. These are my dinner plates.

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Humble Ceramics

Humble Ceramics doesn’t sell online but they are sold at one of my go-to stores for ceramic pieces, The General Store. These were a gift to myself last year. I pull them out on the regular, and the color makes me so happy! They’re the only colored ceramic plates I own.

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Echeri Ceramics

This husband and wife duo are local here in Sacramento and make some really cool, unique pieces! I love their speckled and color blocked tumblers  and their planters especially, which make a fun gift.

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Rachel Saunders

Rachel Saunders is a new-to-me find during some quarantine downtime browsing. I love her incense burners, vases, as well as her Femme Illuminée candles.

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Sheldon Ceramics

Loving the colors of these Sheldon Ceramic vases (more here) and this sweet jewelry case.

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Victoria Morris

I have one of Victoria Morris’s lamps on my wishlist right now. So so gorgeous!

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Heidi Anderson

Heidi Anderson’s pieces are all such special one-of-a-kind art pieces and collectibles! I love these for adding character to any shelf.

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McQuan has some amazing wall hangings and bells–which are a great way to add texture and interest to a wall with something a bit more unique. This Brooklyn based artist has collaborated with Jenni Kayne, and I have a few of her pieces now that I absolutely treasure.

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Heather Levine

Another favorite for wall hangings. I have one of her pieces hanging in Rex’s room.

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